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Psychotherapeutic Program for a LONG AWAITING PARENT
"...every Long Awaiting Parent should be under psychotherapeutic care since the beginning...
it increases chances for success and decreases chances for psychological damages...."

The process could be lengthy and difficult. Very trying physically but emotionally and spiritually exhausting.

Maintaining hope, coping with emotions, dealing with physical demands of treatment, trying to sustain a loving relationship and to support a partner while protecting her or him from our own negative thinking...

The need for support becomes tremendous.

The sources of support become depleted quickly, as we start withdrawing from contacts feeling that people surrounding us begin being tired of the mono-theme relationship.

In a meantime and because of that we need even more support and understanding;

we need support to maintain a relationship, own emotional balance, and still the hope that treatment will be successful and that the parenthood is written for us in the stars.

And sometimes it is but the path to it could be bumpy and different from our plans. Without emotional and spiritual balance it would be difficult to get there.Emotional discomfort, sense of guilt, isolation, inability to cope with all these negative emotions that we want to hide from the partner not wanting to affect them could actually work against us and our chances to become parents.

 If you are

a Long Awaiting Parent....

a parent who longs to have a child

but struggling with fertility issues or undergoing infertility treatment...

we are ready to surround you with specialized psychotherapeutic and holistic care.

Once you start thinking about it

and the pressure and stress related to infertility and infertility treatment

you realize that

every Long Awaiting Parent should be under psychotherapeutic care
since the beginning
of recognizing the problem
throughout its treatment
until the end of it,
regardless if it ends successfully
or not.


Taking care of your emotional and spiritual life during this trying time is crucial not only for the success but also for your maintaining your balance and surfacing from the process undamaged and whole, no matter what the outcome will be.



* * * *




spiritual psychotherapy may help you maintain a calm and patient attitude throughout little and big difficulties

supportive groups will provide you with a sounding board and the network of friends with the same interest at heart

meditation will help you achieve peace of mind and tranquility that will allow you to better connect with yourself

and guided imagery

will help you create a caring and welcoming atmosphere to your future child

 The therapy plan is developed based on consultations with your infertility specialist, a physician and a supervising psychotherapist and
it may consist of following forms of therapy
(all available on site)
*individual and group psychotherapy * massage therapy *reflexology * acupuncture *acupressure *aromatotherapy * meditation & guided imagery
Contact us to start taking charge of your (and your future child) emotional and spiritual health
(go to "Contact us" or call us)
"DP" cooperates with the office of the renowned infertility specialist for consultations and referrals