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We very often forget that nature intended for us to enjoy its beauty to help us relax and cope with stress. The universe provides us with scents, sights, and sounds that relax, calm, heal, and help us connect with our true self. This is why people have been creating art, music, trying to shape light with lamp shades, andwhy they have been using fragrances. All this because we know, as it is imprinted in our nature, that our senses need to be pampered in order for us to maintain a balance: to feel good, content, calm, and tranquil. We intuitively know the effects of aroma, sound, and light and we search for them whenever we are in need of their healing power.


Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy using healing powers of essential oils to enhance well being and open a new door to healing the spirit.

The environment of Discovery Project is designed to heal your mind, body and soul from the moment you step in.

Aroma, music, sound and light embrace you here having a therapeutic effect on your body and your psyche. Aromatherapy uses essential oils for an array of physical, mental and emotional health purposes. Essential oils are powerful tool that may alter, shift, change and adjust mood, emotion and physical issues.

Essential oils offer different psychological effects. They could activate, motivate, calm, or work as antidepressants or sleep inducers.

Aromatherapy has been historically known to help alleviate stress, depression and anxiety, thus, aiding in relaxation and achieving a balance of mental, physical, and spiritual health.


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There are two basic mechanisms through

which essential oils affect the human body, through scent and through skin absorption.



Scent has a special impact on our functioning. Aroma produced by the oils influences the brain, especially the limbic system (regulatory system responsible for generating the sense of satisfaction and contentment). At the scent level essential oils activate the limbic system and other emotional centers of the brain, creating the sense of deep relaxation, tranquility, satisfaction, and balance. Since the 1980's olfactory research has promoted the psychological benefit of essential oils used in aromatherapy.



When essential oils are applied to the skin (commonly in form of "massage oils" i.e. 1-10% solutions of EO in carrier oil) they activate thermal receptors, producing the feeling of gentle warmth and comfort.They may also stimulate the immune system.The essential oils have pharmacological effects as well as antiviral, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties.