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that there is no

real peace of mind and happiness

unless a healthy mental balance

is restored…until you recognize

and understand your difficulties

with others, until you understand why you don't feel happy, cannot enjoy simple pleasures of life, have difficult time loving or accepting love…

these difficultiesmight be a result

or a cause of addiction, depression, emotional traumas, stress, high anxiety, affective illness, such as bipolar disorder, or difficult relationships

It is not easy to recognize and understand own difficulties… we ourselves get in the way of our own insight: cannot hear

ourselves, don't want to hear others.. So we perpetuate our own difficulties endlessly

Discover the caring and supportive power of the relationship with a psychotherapist who will be your best friend and guide...

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that you can endyour pain...

Discover how ....

Discover...that when your emotional blocks are gone, you are surrounded with love and kindness, feel at peace with youself and others, cope better with all your problems, life obstacles, even rejection and failure

Discover... why you have so much difficulties protecting your boundarie and why you feel powerless over how people impact your life

Discover... that you can have back the control over your life, your relationships and your happiness


Discover... your potential for having love in your life, the potential that has been silenced by your defenses, fears, andhopelessness.


It's called RECOVERY

It's called



You have been waiting for

the moment of such discovery forever…

the moment when you realize that you FEEL again… feel whole again…

feel love and joy…

feel like you used to… a long time ago… feel that something you thought was lost forever is back with you…

You say:


Hello, my lost friend… welcome back… I will take care of you… this time I will know how.”

You deserve it...

don't you? d


 Discover… feeling whole in body, mind, and soul


There is no real peace of mind, tranquility and happiness until the balance between body, mind and soul is restored

There is no happy body without balanced mental health and there is no happy mind and soul without balanced physical health… Chronic conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, and chronic stress contribute to mental health imbalance causing states of depression or anxiety

In order to restore a full body-mind-soul balance physical health issues need to be addressed, emotional difficulties recognized and addressed, stress relieved so you are able to withstand challenges of your modern life…


is a program focused on addressing mental health issues in the most holistic way using all available therapy techniques.

The environment of welcomes all clients with the relaxation therapy by aroma, sound and light .

closelycooperates with the medical office of Jeffrey Weiss, MD (located on premises) for diagnostic consultations and appropriate referrals