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Lower Level Suite @ 104 Delancey Street -------------------------------New York, NY 10002 Phone: (646)4209998 & (646)8073686

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Discover your path towards recovery, enlightenment, love andtranquility

...find your true self...

Relaxation techiniques are focused on decreasing mental and physical tension built up in your body due to everyday stress, psychological traumas, emotional difficulties, or physical strain.
Relaxation improves your overall functioning by reducing such tension, improving blood and oxygen circulation around the body, affecting positively the functions of all organs and the distribution of bioenergy.

Western Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Swedish Massage

Therapeutic Foot Massage

Therapeutic Hand Massage

Myofascial Techniques

Hot Stone Massage

Eastern Massage

Shiatsu Massage

Thai Massage



The lack of proper relaxation could itself be a source of serious mental and physical health problems. It could lead to difficulties sleeping, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, migraines, even psychotic states. Thus, achieving the state of relaxation is healing and stabilizing for both, mental and physical health.





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Meditation / Guided Imagery Groups

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 The has been designed with care and love to help restore mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance in the most holistic way, through the variety of therapy techniques, including massage, aroma, music, sound, dance and laughter therapy.

You will be welcomed here with the sound of water fountains and classical music...

Relaxation programs at are formulated based on the thorough assessment of each client's mental and physical health needs in order to address them safely and proficiently.

The programs are formed by the team of qualified specialists in various forms of relaxation based on recommendations of mental health clinicians of DP and of their leading physician. The clients' well being during relaxation is overseen by the physician of

If you are interested in participating in relaxation programs

please contact us for a team assessment appointment.

You can take advantage of relaxation programs as adjunct to psychotherapy or separately

based on our combined team assessment .