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believes in the power of the group psychotherapy
the support and care of a small group of people who understand your problems, your struggle, your dilemmas
people with whom you can forget about feeling embarassed and ashamed
people with whom you can talk about your issues without holding back afraid of them judging you, being bored with you problems or rejecting you
people who would support you without enabling your negative patterns of thinking
it's almost like a family with a small difference:
the presence of a caring psychotherapist who can understand all of you together and individually


NO MORE - Substance Dependence Recovery Group (English)

NIGDY WIECEJ- Substance Dependence Recovery Group (Polish)

Currently forming:


Pain Recovery Group chronic pain/ fibromyalgia support group


Infertility Recovery Group

the group for Long Awaiting Parents (infertility and infertility treatment support groups)


Weight Loss Group


The group therapy may include:


introduction to meditation


progressive relaxation with music-therapy


meditation with aromatherapy


guided imagery with elements of Gestalt therapy specialized to the client's problem


The small group psychotherapy is a part of treatment plan, which is developed by a leading psychotherapist based on the thorough assessment of the client's needs and his readiness to participate in the group therapy.