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Massage and Blood Circulation/Blood Pressure


Massage has an effect on local blood flow as demonstrated in several studies. Massage can mechanically empty venous beds, lower venous pressure and increase capillary flow.Light massage causes a transient but immediate dilation of vessels (Wood, Becker 1981). With massage, metabolic waste and by-products of tissue damage and inflammation is cleared, oxygen and nutrition are delivered to tissue cells through an increase in blood flow through the capillaries (Yates, 1990).

Massage affects blood flow through the local release of vasodilators.The pressure of massage techniques stimulates the release of histamine and acetylcholine which then vasodilate the blood vessels.

Massage and Blood Pressure

Several studies demonstrate that massage can reduce blood pressure. Both systolic and diastolic blood pressure tended to decrease after only a 20-minute back massage.

Blood pressure can be affected, and therefore, massage, using appropriate techniques, is indicated for cardiac and hypertensive clients, as well as for stressed clients.